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Unlimited tasks for one site.
Proactive Automation.
Comprehensive Maintenance

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Unlimited tasks.
Up to 10 sites.
Whitelabel Support

Minimum 3 months signup.

What does each plan include?

Complete WordPress maintenance and security services

Site and plugins updates
We perform core, plugin and theme updates at regular intervals. Security updates and updates to plugins with known vulnerabilities are fast-tracked and applied as soon as possible.

Frequent website backups
There’s no such thing as too many backups. We’ll perform off-site backups at regular intervals — so if anything goes wrong, we’ll have your back!

Constant security checks
We scan for malware at regular intervals. If anything is found, we’ll promptly notify you with all the details. Malware removal and cleanup is included with all our plans.

Expert WordPress Automation
We automate parts of your site from emails to analytics to save you both time and money. We regularly save clients more than they spend on our subscription.

Bugfixes + development
If you need a hand, we’ll be more than happy to help. We’ve worked with SMBs, corporations, agencies and governments — so we know what we’re doing.

Uptime monitoring
We run 24/7 monitoring, and we’ll promptly notify you if your site is down, so you can take immediate action. If we’re also hosting your site, we’ll get it back online pronto!

What kind of tasks can I submit?

We've included some samples of tasks we've encountered. Feel free to reach out via chat if you don't see your task listed if its WordPress related we can definitely do it.

Small Task Examples

  • Add Google Analytics script and Facebook pixel to the site.
  • Add new form with google captcha on the page
  • Add social share links to the posts
  • Enable / Disable comments
  • Add search functionality to website
  • Newsletter integration with existing forms (mailchimp/active campaign etc.)
  • Create CTA section on home page with signup form
  • Gallery integration
  • Blog migration with categories, tags
  • Breadcrumbs setup for the pages
  • Update page content
  • Add chat box to the site
  • Customize login page/screen
  • Backup schedule and maintenance
  • Create child theme and move custom style and functions to child theme
  • DNS and A-Record updates

Medium Task Examples

  • Add new section to home page
  • Add banner slider on a page
  • Small responsive bug fixes
  • Video embed functionality with thumbnail image and pop-up (video url can be youtube, vimeo)
  • Setting up blog on existing site (Blog archive, category and single pages)
  • Site migration
  • WordPress plugin, theme updates
  • Small plugin installation and configuration (Download manager, Store locator)
  • Social feeds integration on page.
  • Donation page setup
  • Widget development for sidebars
  • New module for a page builder site

Large Task Examples

  • Megamenu development
  • New landing page development
  • Woocommerce setup with payment gateway (Configuration for product page, category page, checkout and cart page setup)
  • Event manager installation
  • Buddypress integration and setup
  • Memberpress integration and setup
  • Plugin customization
  • Setup of new custom post type

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