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24/7 access to top tier developers for unlimited small jobs. Reclaim your time.

Delegate backups, updates, tasks & monitoring

From $79/month · Unlimited Tasks · Zero-surprise billing

Premium WordPress support for your business.

Bug fixes, management & security solutions by experienced WordPress Developers.

Comprehensive WordPress maintenance, assistance, security and automation services.

It’s important to keep WordPress and its plugins up-to-date. We’ll take care of this on a regular basis, and act immediately if a vulnerability is found. You can assign unlimited small tasks to our support team day or night. RebuildWP is a cross between an on-call dev team and a tech savvy WordPress assistant for your business.

From $79/month · Unlimited Tasks · Zero-surprise billing

Rebuild your WordPress site with premium themes and plugins.

A good WordPress website shouldn't take months to build and cost tens of thousands of dollars. We build gorgeous websites using premium themes as a base, saving you money and cutting development time down to weeks.

From $750 · Delivery in 3 weeks · Zero-surprise billing

Send us an email with your problem. We fix it. Simple.

The 24/7 development team of your dreams.
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We improve your site while you focus on your business.

Standard Plan

3 month minimum required. Unlimited Tasks.

Unlimited tasks and fixes for one site. Security & Uptime Monitoring, Daily backups and updates.

Single Task

This is for a completion of a single task or bug fix.

Need Malware Removal, Site Migration, Content uploads, CSS edits etc? We get it done for $100.

Unlimited WordPress jobs for $79 / month.

RebuildWP gives you an army of expert WordPress assistants. Task us with any small job, edit, change, or fix and see it done in a matter of hours.

Vital WordPress bug fixes.

From site speed, security, and SEO to theme updates and daily backups, you’ll never lose a customer due to website downtime.

Your personal WordPress developer.

Site issues happen at the worst times. Always have experts to turn to for your website needs. No more expensive agencies or unreliable freelancers.

Need a WordPress site built?

We do affordable fixed fee builds using popular themes. All of the support with a quarter of the development time!

You are three clicks from WordPress Nirvana.

Rebuild your WordPress site with premium themes and plugins.

From $750 · Delivery in 3 weeks · Zero-surprise billing

Comprehensive WordPress maintenance, assistance & security.

From $79/m · Unlimited Tasks · Zero-surprise billing

Stop fiddling with WordPress and get back to what really matters. Your business.

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